Formula BMW Lista Junior

Formula BMW Lista Season 10

This season has exceptional promise… We are proud and happy to announce that: For the 2010 season Michael Lamotte will be associated with two prestigious partners :

Mr. Jo Zeller – Team Manager of Jo Zeller Racing Team

Mr. Jean-Louis Burgnard – Car manufacturer : Griffon Technologies

To compete in the Formula BMW Lista Junior 2010

Races 1 & 2: Hockenheim (D) 17-18 april 2010

After a difficult 2009 season, for the first race of the 2010 season with the new team: Jo Zeller Racing Team, a pole position and a victory !

For the 2nd race of the weekend, 2nd on the grid and a new podium with 3rd place.

Globally an excellent weekend which took place in the context of the “Hockenheim Historic Revival in the memory of Jim Clark“, under a radient sky and 35’000 spectators.

We warmly thank the Jo Zeller Racing Team as well as Mr. Jean-Louis Burgnard of Griffon Technologies for all the hard work done and which was rewarded in the best possible way…

Races 3 & 4: Nürburgring (D) 1-2.05.2010

2 races: 2 podiums !

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Saturday May 1st: Good weather. Dry track. Qualifications: on the first line in 2nd position.

Race 1: nice fights…

Finally, Michael keeps his 2nd position and climbs on the podium.

Sunday May 2nd: Rain and very wet track…

Qualifications: Due to the strategy developped by the Jo Zeller Racing Team, Michael suceeds in qualifying at the third position in only two laps at only at 11 thousandths of a second of the second place.

Despite a few clearings in the sky, the rain having threatened all day long finally falls on the track during the race before Michael’s race. Results: a start given under very, very wet conditions…

Michael takes a good start and does a superb takeover at the end of the first lap at the end of the straight away under very tricky conditions to take the first position. Position kept for several laps.

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The laps are passing by with nice fights.

However, it has to be noticed that the fact of placing 3 different formula racing categories (Formula Renault, Formula Gloria and Formula BMW) in the same race had perturbed the first BMW drivers who were systematically passed by the Formula Renaults and in the last laps came upon the drivers of the Glorias. Too bad that the results were so skewed…

Finally, 3rd position and new podium.

Total results: 4 races, 4 podiums with one victory. 

Michael is ranked 2nd in the Championship and is only 3 points away from the first postion.

The targets are clearly identified and everything will be done with the support of the Team to reach them…

A big thanks to the Jo Zeller Racing Team and to Mr. Jean-Louis Burgnard of Griffon-Technologies for their commitment and their professionalism.

Races 5 & 6: Most (Cz) 22-23.05.2010

A topsy turvy situtation… in more than one way…

Most, Czech Republic: track that Michael does not know. Reason why he drives a lot on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, qualifications Q1: 3rd on the grid.

Race 1: Michael takes a good start. He is 3rd at the first turn at the chicane. His direct competitor for the Championship is right in front of him. His direct competitor goes on the back of the car that is in front of him and doing so loses his front wing. He will only score 2 points at the end of the race. During the crash, another competitor succeeds in passing Michael.

Michael is following the damaged car. The back wing is screwed up. It is inclined to the right. The damage is not very bad in itself, but it is perturbing the aerodynamics creating turbulences for the driver behind.. Impossible for Michael to come close enough and use slipstream. Michael will try everything in his power, but impossible to do a takeover. On this track where the only possibility of overtaking is located in the straightaway before the chicane, this means: no slipstream, no overtaking…

Michael finishes 4th in the race… and as leader of the Lista Championship with a 5 point lead!

Sunday, qualifications Q2: 3rd

During the formation lap, before positionning himself on the starting grid, Michael realized that his clutch gave out. Disgusted, he takes the intuition, for security reasons, to go back into the pit and do the start from the pit lane.

Unfortunately, when he can finally start, there is already 300m between him and the last of the pack.

Michael fights with ferocity, and takes over his competitors one by one and moves his way up to the 5th rank…

Arriving in Most with 3 points behind in the Championship, and being on Saturday with 5 points ahead, he leaves with 4 points behind….

It is obvious that revenge will be at Hockenheim….

A big thank you to the team for the tremendous work done!

Races 7 & 8: Hockenheim (D) 19-20.06.2010

Hockenheim: the return… Winner ! ! !

A victory, the fastest lap and… the leader of the Championship !

Saturday 19: Qualifications: Michael can not do better than 3rd.

Race 1: the gear ratio is not exactly the right ones and Michael is systematicaly reaching the limitor in the straightaways. Impossible to take over, so he can just limit the damages. He finishes 4th.

Sunday 20: Qualifications: Michael is 2nd at 6 thousandths of the pole… i.e. on this track, a hand.

Race 2: Michael takes “a dream start” according to the official speaker and takes the first curve in the lead.

For once, there were no accidents. The pack is compact. The fight is tight. By the end of the 1st lap, Michael is 2nd. After 4 laps of fighting, Michael succeeds in taking the lead. He will not leave this position, extending his advance from the 2nd driver. Fastest lap in the race and victory with brio!

Michael is the leader of the Championship with 6 points ahead of his closest adversary.

A big thank you to the whole team for all the work done before and during this weekend.

Let’s meet in Magny-Cours where Michael is firmly determined to keep his advantage.


Races 9 & 10: Magny-Cours (F) 07-08.08.2010

Magny-Cours: exceptional weekend ! ! !

Saturday 07.08.2010: “Hat-trick” Pole position, best lap in race and victory ! ! !

Michael takes the lead and stays in the lead until the checkered flag.

Despite a Safety Car during 3 laps which ruined Michael’s lead of three seconds over the 2nd car…

Sunday 08.08.2010: Best lap in race and victory !

Taking advantage of an error of his direct adversary, Michael takes the lead in the first lap and does not let go…

Michael arrived in Magny-Cours with a lead of 6 points in the Championship.

He leaves with 25 points gained… Scoring during the weekend 46 points out of 48 possible… 

We warmly thank the whole team for all the work that was done… and to have made possible those two superb victories !

Monza awaits us…

Michael will not miss this rendez-vous…

Races 11 & 12: Monza (It) 24-26.09.2010

W E   D I D   I T   ! ! !

For the last racing weekend, the goal was very important. Firstly for the title of the Formula BMW Lista Junior 2010 Champion and secondly for the title of Swiss national Champion for openwheel racing cars. In the first race, Michael needed to finish in front of his primary adversary to be the BMW Lista Champion.

Both titles were won due to the great job of the whole team. Congratulations !!!

Friday: the free practice was held in good weather but with 33 cars on the track…

Saturday: Q1 It is raining cats and dogs. Michael wins the pole with 2,2 sec. ahead of his immediate adversary for the Championship… Michael is the only BMW driver to go under 2min 20 sec.

Race 1: the weather is nice again and of course the gaps are shorter… the fight is intense and the competitors are passing each other after every lap. The last lap is fierce. 3 drivers arrive side by side in the parabolica, last turn. Michael is purposely projected three times towards the pitlane’s wall at more than 200 Km/h. The author of this dangerous manoeuvre is sanctionned a 20 sec penality in the beginning and then afterwards disqualified from the race with a penalty of 10 places for  Race 2.

Michael wins Race 1 and finishes in front of his immediate adversary while securing the Formula BMW Lista Junior 2010 Championship.

Sunday: Q2 Good weather. Michael is 2nd.

Race 2: Michael involuntarely jumps the start, passes the first lap in front and then gives back the first place to the poleman. Other competitors take advantage and it is a free-for-all… Michael positions himself in a holding pattern and will finish 4th in securing the Swiss Championship of openwheel race cars.

Wonderful job from all and rightly rewarded for this superb season !

Lista 2010 – Celebration 23.10.2010

V I C T O R Y  !  !  !

Formula BMW Lista Junior 2010 – Prize giving celebration

The celebration, very sympathetic, was held in Landgasthof Breitfeld at Rotkreuz on 23.10.2010. A nice evening. After an excellent supper, the official prize giving has marked the end of the Formula BMW Lista Junior which has been outstanding for Michael: The winner’s Cup and the Title of 2010 Champion !

Mr. Jo Binder (Lista) & Mr. Jo Zeller
M. Jürg Kaufmann
MM. Yannick Mettler (Daltec) & Melville Mc Kee (Hope PoleVision)
MM. Jo Zeller, Daniel Von Grünigen (Daltec), Benoît Morand (Hope PoleVision)
Mr. Jo Zeller

Again a big bravo and a big thank you to the whole team !

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